Clive Oakes

Registered Electrician


Homestar Certified Practitioner and Assessor


Clive and wife Christine have lived in Kinloch for the over 13 years and love the area, the facilities and being part of the community. As a registered Electrician with many years of experience in the industry, Clive enjoys providing a service to valued existing customers and newcomers to the area for electrical and minor building works. His professional friendly approach to all customers has earned him an excellent reputation for being good value, conscientious, hard working and tidy, with safety for the customer being of paramount importance.

As a previous Authorised Person for Low and High Voltage Safety Programmes and a Project Manager, controlling numerous projects for large UK companies, compliance to the relevant NZ Standards, safety, clear communication and customer satisfaction is a major part of his work ethic.


Clive a Registered Electrician who has been associated with the building industry for over 40 years with experiences in all aspects of Home Maintenance for over 30 years, and recently completed examinations to become a Certified Homestar Assessor for the Central North Island.


Electrical Wiring


Tripped Again?


I hear so many times, The circuit breaker of fuse keeps tripping every time I reset it, when asked how many times they have reset it , the answer varies from, six to I have forgotten how many times but it's tripped again!




The circuit breaker or fuse is there to break the circuit and it breaks the circuit for a reason and that reason is to




It's worth noting that as the house owner, it is your responsibility to provide a safe environment for the occupants.

So, if the circuit breaker trips or fuse blows again... meaning twice, then leave it off and call me to establish what the problem is and to fix it!   Doing this could save you or your families life and/or stop a house fire.

I recently went to a house in Kinloch and found the reason why the MCB had tripped again was that a cable was left coiled at low level outside on a small deck, just outside the back door and was live for the past 12years!  It had tripped because the rain had finally got into the open end of the cable and caused it to short circuit after being reset approximately six times!


Pre Purchase Electrical Inspections


Buying a house? 


Have you thought about the condition of one of the most dangerous systems in your potential new home for you and your family?




For a fee that has the potential to be 5% or less of the remedial works costs, a Certified Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection can save you the shock of a hidden drain on your moving or renovation budget.


With over 40 years experience in the electrical industry, Clive Oakes is able to undertake a Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection and issue you with a Periodic Electrical Inspection Certificate in accordance with 

AS/NZ 3019:2007.  

This Certificate will be accompanied by a Report providing you with detail on the electrical installation that either needs urgent attention and/or just remedial works.


Wouldn't you like to know you're safe?

Wouldn't you like to know the extent of the works required to be safe?

Wouldn't you like a Certificate to prove it?


If yes to any of these, or if you have any questions on the service we provide, then just call Clive Oakes.


Please note: All electrical installations should be periodically inspected and tested so if you've not had one or not sure about the age and safe condition of the electrical installation in your home, then give me a call and I can visit and either advise or carry out a full installation inspection and test.


Testing and Tagging


As an employer/landlord you are legally obliged to provide a safe portable appliances in compliance with Electrical Regulations and OSH. 

Regulations requires that all portable appliances or equipment connected by a plug and lead to power, are periodically tested for safety from fire and electric shock, this is detailed in the AS/NZ S 3760/2007 standard.

We  provide a visual inspection, electrical tests with portable appliance tester and tagging with a durable tag that  indicates test date and all other relevant information.   All data is then processed and we will provide a report detailing overall condition of your appliances and remind you when they are due for retesting.


Smoke Alarm Installation and Advice


Many people are able to install modern day smoke alarms by themselves but seldom check on the best location for optimum detection of smoke. Also people rarely check for the correct location and condition of existing Smoke Detectors when they move into a new house.  I can install and offer advice on how many you should have,  their respective location  and a test regime for each Smoke Detector.


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